3. A Dream Come True

Like many of us in the spanko scene, I am a long time fan of Ms.Gregory and her work. I discovered that she offered professional sessions a few years ago and immediately reached out. I Have tried on numerous occasions to schedule a meeting, schedules have not been friendly. It was not until her trip to Chicago for Crimson Moon earlier this month that schedules permitted. After schedules were confirmed we exchanged a few emails and texts, Sarah asked me if I had any attire requests, I told her to surprise me.

Finally, our time to meet had arrived. She answered the door looking stunning..as gorgeous as her photos on her websites are,they do not do her justice. She is far more stunning in person. She offered me a drink and we sat down on the couch. To Sarah's left was an end table, she had a variety of implements laid out...butterflies took off :) We spent some time talking, she was very warm and welcoming, (almost seemed as excited to give a spanking as I was to get one from her). She asked me a bit about my previous experiences, what I wanted,implements, etc. She was not in a hurry, but did not prolong the niceties either.

She looked at me, smiled, and told me it was time for me to get over her knee. She directed me to walk over to her, where she unbuckled my belt, smiled and said "I love it when a guy brings his own spanking implements, you will be getting your own belt", she proceeded to unbutton my pants and pull them down. I took them off, and put them aside, walked back over and she asked me what I am doing...as spankings are given on the bare. A few seconds later, I find myself over Sarah's knee, my ass is bare, and I am staring at the carpet. She started a little on the hard side, with her hand, at my request. I like a warm up, but I don't enjoy not feeling it from the start. Sarah had no problem finding the right intensity. It did not take long for me to start squirming. Sarah took a short break in between swats, and then really picked up the intensity. I looked back expecting to see one of her implements in her hand, but it was her hand getting it's point across. I love a HARD hand spanking and Sarah can deliver!

She then went through a few implements, leather and wooden paddles, very skillfully pulling back at times,building back up, she was able to read and respond to my body language, pushing me when the time was right, and backing off when the time was right. She then began to rub my bottom for a few seconds, before wrapping her leg around the backs of my thighs, locking me in place as she came down hard and fast with her hand. The harder she spanked me, the more I struggled, the more I struggled the harder she squeezed with her leg, and the harder she spanked. Breaking only long enough to pick up one of her paddles, she continued for a few more minutes. She then unlocked her legs, let me catch my breath while she rubbed my bottom for a minute or two, then told me to get up, she told me it was time for my strapping, and directed me to the bed where she put down a pillow and had me lay face down over it. She picked up one of her straps and put it to work. It was a lighter strap, kind of a "warm up strapping" on an already very red and sore ass. There was no shortage of reaction as she began to use it harder. She had a few more straps she worked through, they were heavier and more intense.

I am not someone who tops from the bottom (unless I am asked playing with a new friend or spanko friend who is trying her hand as switching and I am asked for input), but I did ask Sarah if she was able to spank any harder. Understand she was strapping me hard and it was very intense, I just wanted to experience more. She was happy to oblige and did give me some swats as hard as she could with her strap. She kept walking to the sitting room where her implements were, bringing them back one at a time ( I think she was intentionally teasing me )....and she continued to strap my bare bottom face down laying flat for quite some time. She then told me it was time to get on all fours (a position I have not been in a whole lot and is not my favorite), which she respected. She continued to strap my ass, occasionally using her hand and then going to another implement. One of the things I do not have much experience with (finally got the courage to try it about a year or two ago) was the cane.

I asked her to give me some cane strokes, another implement she is very skilled with. She used three different canes, the shorter caniac ones, two were rattan one a bit thicker than the other, and a short delrin. There was only one (the thicker rattan) that did not work for me, the other two were amazing. I even asked her for a few HARD ones with the canes, which were intense but amazing. I then was told to lay back down flat, and she went back to grab my belt which she finished my strapping with. As she walked back into the other room, she told me I needed to get back over her knee for the hair brush (of which she had 3) and I felt every one of them. Again leg locked she went to town with her hair brushes, mixing her hand in from time to time.

She unlocked as she finished up and I spent a few minutes over her knee trying to catch my breath and come down. She told me my spanking was done....but before she let me up I asked her to do me a favor...and that was to lock me back in between her legs, pick up her hair brush, and show me what a "discipline" type spanking would feel like from her. She was happy to oblige and it was INTENSE. After a few minutes where she was rubbing again and allowing me to come down, she let me up from her knee, and we made small talk while I got dressed. We chatted for a few more minutes about my experience, she gave me a hug, and it was time to go.

I left Sarah Gregory with a very red, very sore, very well spanked bottom....it was amazing. This woman is incredible looking, very sweet, very passionate about spanking; she is not a "bitchy top", and she is a true spanking enthusiast, with a passion for her craft. One of the most amazing spankings I have been on the receiving end of. I am hoping our schedules permit us getting together again, when she is back in Chicago for Crimson Moon in October. Thank you for an incredible spanking experience Sarah, you are amazing!!!!