4. Consequences

I had scheduled a session with Sarah in Chicago to be disciplined for a serious issue. I was very nervous on the way up knowing what was in store but was also thankful that there was soon to be consequences for the infraction and that hopefully the guilt that I had been carrying for quite some time would be disposed of.

Upon arrival Sarah greeted me at the door with a big smile and was very pleasant and easy to talk with. After some conversation Sarah asked why I was here. I advised her that I was involved in a traffic accident, no one was hurt. However, there was significant property damage to vehicles. I advised her it was strictly my fault as I was negligent and not paying attention. There were no consequences and I had guilt that weighed heavily. While talking to Sarah about the incident the smile went away and she had a serious look on her face as she asked additional questions. Once the questions were answered and everything was in the open Sarah said well shall we get started this does need to be addressed and you will pay dearly for it.

She advised me to strip down, as my punishment was all going to be on my bare bottom. I did as directed and left my clothes laying on the floor. She looked at me sternly, disappointed, and stated is that anyway to treat your clothes? The look on her face I knew I was not in a position to argue at this point. I apologized and picked them up placing them on the couch. Sarah had noticed the belt in my pants and stated she loves it when someone brings their own implement and that she would be using my wide leather belt on me as well.

Sarah had a very large display, (I am going to guess about 20) implements all laid out ranging from a hair brush to a cane. I was getting nervous and my heart was starting to race. My stomach was full of butterflies. I knew that this was it�.consequences and there was no turning back now. I was ordered over her lap and given a pillow to hang onto. Sarah wasted no time in going to work on my bare bottom with her hand for quite some time. She than began using the implements. I was not in a position to where I could see what she was grabbing. All I know is that they all hurt !!!! I was over her lap for about 15 minutes. My bottom was on fire. During the volley of swats she told me that my bottom was going to pay dearly for what I did. Sarah stated she was sure I was a good person, but that I still needed to pay. Her voice as soft and gentle but her demeanor was serious and unforgiving.

After she finished with me being over her lap, she then had me bend over an ottoman and continued using various implements on me. There were times I had to hold my breath, clench my ass cheeks tight together in order to try and minimize some of the pain. (This reminded me as a child and being punished my parents would tell me to quit clenching my ass cheeks or it would be worse.) My bottom was on fire.

Sarah is definitely a professional; she would take me right to the point of my limit where I just really couldn�t stand anymore and then back down a bit. A few times she took me over the limit and had me dancing on my toes and wriggling my bottom trying to get away. This was great because she knew she had exceeded my limit and that is what a punishment is always about. This was especially true when she used the cane on me. That will really get you dancing.

The next position was leaning towards the couch with my feet flat on the floor and my hands on the back of the couch. This is when the cane was used on me along with several other implements. Sarah continued to scold and told me that once she was finished, the guilt should be gone. The last position was over one of her legs with her other leg over mine locking me into position on her lap. She really went to town on my bare bottom once she had my legs locked between hers. Again the volleys were long hard and lengthy. As my limit was met and slightly exceeded she would stop and rub my bottom and give me a short break before commencing another round of repeated swats.

After about 45 minutes, my bottom was really on fire. Once Sarah felt I had been punished sufficiently she stopped and advised me to go look in the mirror. My bottom was crimson red, with many marks and bruising. Lotion was applied and last but certainly not least she made me remove my own belt from my pants and she finished up using my own belt on me. She then gave me a hug and told me that I was not to think about the accident anymore, that the consequences had been paid and the guilt should be gone.

I had an uncomfortable ride home and issues sitting and sleeping for several days. My bottom stayed marked, and was black and blue for about 6 days. I did pay a good price for my stupidity, but the guilt is gone. I was surprised that I was able to not cry during the hour long punishment and that I also never did put my hands behind me to try and stop the punishment or intercept the blows. I think that is part of knowing I deserved it for one and for not wanting to cry in front of Sarah. I told Sarah numerous time during my punishment that I was sorry and she would reply with a soft gentle voice, I know you are but you have to pay!!! There has to be consequences !!! During the punishment I could hear other people outside the room and wondered what they thought because I am sure they could hear me being punished hard.

Sarah definitely knows what to do and how to do it. She is a beautiful person but also firm with no nonsense. I would recommend her to anyone that feels they too have infractions that they feel need to be addressed.

I know I for one will be confessing all my wrong doings in my life to her from now on for any type of disposition she sees fit.