5. Sarah, The Sensual Dom

Let me begin my testimonial by saying that I am extremely new to the whole dom/sub world of sexuality. I went to the session not knowing entirely what to expect yet Miss Sarah knew exactly how to put my imagination into practice. She embraced me as an equal and we began with a discussion of why I brought myself to her. I explained to her what I needed to be punished for, I told her of my character flaws that I wish to improve upon, and lastly I told her aspects about myself that make me self-conscious. After some discussion about these subjects she instructed me where to stand, kneel, lay down, undress, etc.

From there she disciplined me with her various tools and in positions that pleased her. The entire time during our session she never lost sight of why I was there. The dirty talk she used throughout the session had me going mad. I was barely able to contain myself between the sound of her voice and the sturdiness of her hand. I have never experienced anything quite so thrilling and quite so unique before. I felt amazing during the painful parts of the session and I felt extremely jubilant when she deemed me worthy of being rewarded for how I handled her strict punishment. Needless to say the ends justified the means and the reward was so great that I would gladly embrace her disciplinarian side again just so I could please her and be rewarded for my troubles.

As aforementioned I am relatively new to the whole dom/sub culture however in my humble opinion I find Miss Sarah to be the definition of a sensual dom. She strikes me as a loving person who truthfully cares about the needs and (perhaps more importantly) the desires of those she disciplines. She will not go against the grain and do something that you're uncomfortable with. Instead she'll excel at the punishments you're willing to experience from her. Miss Sarah seemed to care about me and why I was there. Her ability to make me feel comfortable in strange territory (for me at least) was a big relief as well. She has an amazing ability to turn from a tender, sensual, caring person to a dominant disciplinarian almost instantly. Don't let her beauty confuse you, she can adjust attitudes and behaviors with extreme force if need be. Though this was our first session I plan on attending another session of hers in the future. The thought of being disciplined by Miss Sarah makes me extremely excited for any future possibility of playing with her.

Long story short, if you have the means and have any taste for discipline from a dominant female then you need not look any further than Miss Sarah. Miss Sarah truthfully has it all: her aesthetic beauty, her experience, and her ability to read those she disciplines.