8. Sarah Kay's First Spanking

So everyone I would like to give a loud shout out to the most famous Miss Sarah Gregory! I just got back from Vegas two weeks ago from an amazing session with Sarah.

This was my first time being spanked by a professional disciplinarian. And boy let me tell you, "It was great!"

I found Sarah on the internet this summer. I was holding my spanking fetish inside my entire life. But when I found Sarah something changed inside me. I realized I was normal, and that God made me just the way he wanted! I am now proud to be called a Spanko!

Okay so back to the session... Sarah first took time out of her busy schedule to talk to me over the phone for like a whole half hour about what I needed and what to expect. When I got to her hotel room she greeted me like a true friend. We visited for a little bit and then got right down to business. She punished me to the exact extent that I needed for my wrong doings. Sarah spent like over an entire hour with me. And every second of that hour was given to me and my needs. After the session I felt so refreshed. I went home with a glow and a feeling that I have never felt before. I am now doing better in my personal and professional life. I have never been so happy.

My mom always told me to give credit where credit is deserved. Miss Sarah Gregory deserves one hundred percent extra credit for helping me! Sarah please don't stop what you are doing. And the ladies who are out there and need to come out with their fetish; get a hold of Miss Gregory. I promise she will help you just liked she helped me!