10. Joe's Chicago Session

I saw Sarah in Chicago at the hotel for the Crimson Moon spanking party. I was a bit apprehensive about seeing her in a hotel, but she assured me noise was no issue with the party there.

We started off with her being nice enough to let me give her a quick, light spanking. It was very cool to be able to take a turn with the famous Sarah Gregory over my knee. As much fun as it was to spank that beautiful bottom, it was not what I came for.

She seductively undressed me and took me over her knee for a nice OTK hand warm up. With a little suggestive hiking up of her dress, she got me pretty excited from the very beginning and the spanking that followed did nothing to deter that. After a nice, but still hard, warm-up, she laid me over an pillow on the bed and went through 10 different straps and paddles, some very hard. She was friendly and engaging the whole time, while still being "in charge." One thing I never like about the Doms i've seen is the bitchy, "I'm the boss here" attitude. I certainly knew Sarah was in charge based on the leather and wood cracking across my ass without her having to be a bitch. Which, for me, was really nice,.

After the bed,we went over to a couch and she took my over her knee, but leg locked me and gave me another harder OTK, this time with a wooden hairbrush.

She was nice enough to then bend me over the couch and give me a finale of paddling while I was allowed to masturbate.

A perfect ending to a really nice session. I hope to be able to see her again in Chicago and see if she can make me hurt even a little more...although I may regret saying that.