13. Ralph's First Spanking from Miss Sarah

Having played with about 4 or 5 other women offering spanko services, I can say from experience that Sarah Gregory is one of the most delightful playgirls around. Sarah greeted me wearing a very cheerful, orange party dress, which emphasized her curvaceous figure. But what she wears that goes way beyond the clothing is a warm, genuine smile, which I quickly found out was attached to a marvelous, friendly personality. I felt a bit of nervousness (first visit) but that was immediately dispelled when she said that that was good. After a little get-to-know chat, I told Sarah what I like, a nice warm up and on to what I guess is medium-heavy play, including implements. In addition to numerous straps, paddles, hairbrushes and what-nots, she has an antique chest just full of goodies. It will take quite a few visits to sample most of them!

As we had agreed, I began to strip to fully nude. I enjoyed it when Sarah made me fold my clothes neatly. I also enjoyed her making me ask for my spanking, and remind me of my naughtiness. She began fairly gently, and built up to a level that showed her fine technique -- she can make it hurt so good with just her hand. Onward to implements. I don't know if I can possibly remember all of them, but I kept trying to guess what I was being spanked with (and scored about 1 out of 10). Sarah even made me enjoy a few strokes with the cane, which I was ambivalent about. Now I want to know about those floggers for the next time.

And the "next time" means that Sarah Gregory is someone special, and someone with whom I, and probably most true spankos, can really enjoy their fantasy. There is no doubt that her experience on the receiving end greatly enhances what she can do. It's as though she is feeling what she is doing to you simultaneously (phenomenology is a fancy word for it). The plain and simple is that she is particularly fun to play with because she truly knows and understands the pleasures of the spanko.