15. Brad's Spanking

Through the gift of a good mutual friend, I had the opportunity to bottom with Sarah. I have always thought that Sarah was a picture perfect, true spanking (and occasionally high maintenance!) model with a sunny disposition, a wonderful figure and lots of energy.

What I learned from our play was that Sarah is also a spectacular top. From Stephanie Locke and Dana Specht, she has learned from the best. Sarah was very easy to work with regarding setting up the appointment on a busy party weekend. She was uber-responsible about working out a mutually fun adventure. I wasn't surprised that Sarah was 100% energetic and focused for the entire play.

What amazed me, however, was how Sarah got me into a wonderful state of relaxation through a really hard, complete topping from head to bottom. We spanked, but we also flogged, from bottom to neck, and I found that she had me far more mellow than a massage ever has. We were spontaneous and adapted throughout the time. She solicited feedback and responded perfectly to it.

Sarah has always been a fun addition for me to watch grow within the spanking community, but now I can also add, that in addition to her acting, modeling and party energy, Sarah Gregory is also a very intuitive, talented and fun top. We were both smiling big grins by the end of the adventure. If you are looking for someone who gives her all to everything she does, and gets results, you would do well to book some play with Sarah.