16. Stephen's Second Spanking

I met with Sarah Gregory a second time last week. Again it was after a somewhat sleepless night in anticipation of my second discipline session with a woman who has an “iron” hand. I never figured I would meet a person who is so pretty and disarming who can spank so darn hard with just her hand.

I arrived at the appointed hour. Sarah met me at the door. I was already nervous with anticipation of what was to come. The first session with Sarah was wonderful if you love to be spanked, to feel the power of the many instruments that Sarah greets you with and to be truly punished for your transgressions. I have a very real problem with speeding. I love to twist the throttle of my motorcycle. I should know better, but I have never gotten a speeding ticket so I go for it. The fastest I have gone is over 140 mph, I no longer have that bike so I cannot go that fast on my current model. Sarah really punished me last time for my speeding and she also washed my mouth with soap for my swearing.

Well, I did have to tell her about my current speeding, 93 mph, in a 65. I have been in a funk lately, have been swearing way too much and truly needed to be punished. Sarah had me stand in front of her. She told me to remove my boots and socks. Then I was ordered to take off my shirt. She unbuckled my heavy leather belt and removed it from my pants, she set the belt aside to use later. I stepped out of my pants, and she directed me to stand by her right side with my hands at my sides.

Sarah then pulled me over her lap so that I was in the proper position to receive a traditional bare bottom spanking delivered by her hard hand. She started slow, and gently told me that spankings can also be relaxing. She delivered some gentle spanks and then picked up the pace. Smacking me on my bottom cheeks and then on my thighs, the spanks getting somewhat harder. Then she slowed down and gently caressed my butt cheeks. It was calming and I was becoming more relaxed and getting into the spirit of the spanking. Sarah proceeded to spank harder and harder, interspersed with some gentleness that I was thankful for. She stopped and had me stand up. I was then directed to pick out an implement from behind her that I would “like” her to spank me with. I chose a hairbrush that looked somewhat innocuous. She told me to ask her to spank me with it. I said “Miss Sarah will you please spank me with this hairbrush.” She was happy to oblige, as back over her lap I went and she proceeded to blister my bottom with both the hairbrush and her hand. It was truly a wonderful punishing experience. I was told to stand again. She directed me to the couch where I was to assume the position for my strapping, which meant I was to lie face down on the couch. She lined up six straps and my belt on a chair. After I asked her to strap me, she picked up the first strap and continued to lay into me with it. It is an astonishing experience to feel the power she puts behind the strap, intense pain, and it was wonderful, if you understand the need that calls out to my soul to be severely punished. After the first strap was used she told me to remember what each one felt like as I was going to pick one that she will use to strap me 93 times for my speeding. There were heavy straps, a light thin evil one, my belt and a tawse. After she had used all of them on me, after some hesitation, I picked the tawse for the 93 strokes.

She started in 10 at a time. My God, she was not cutting me any slack, she was hitting very hard. She asked me how many more after each 10, then increased it to 14 or 15 at a time. When we hit 65, she told me to kneel on the couch, put my legs together and tuck in my “equipment.” Sarah then, I swear, started in with renewed energy, and with my skin much more taut the pain was quite severe. I could only admit to myself that I had earned this. We hit 85 strokes. Then came the last 8, (at least I think it was the last 8 as I was in pain and not really thinking), they were the hardest yet. I was breathing hard and very close to tears, when she finished.

At that point she asked if I wanted some lotion for my sore butt. I said “yes, please.” She applied the lotion and then told me to get up and stand in the corner as we were taking a short break and then she was taking me upstairs to the bathroom, where she was going to wash out my mouth with Pink Dove.

She went upstairs as I thought about what was going to happen as I stood in the corner. Sarah came back downstairs, had me put on my under shorts and she led me up the stairs to the bathroom. She handed me the box containing a new bar of Pink Dove, I opened the box and asked her to “please wash my mouth out with soap, for my swearing” as I handed her the bar of soap. She went to sink and ran the water, running it over the bar to soften it a little and started working up quite a bit of lather. She pushed the suds to then end of her fingers and I opened my mouth as she brought her soapy hands up and inserted the suds. The taste was not nice. She then soaped up the bar and had me open again and put the bar into my mouth. She twisted it and scraped off little bits of soap onto my teeth. She had me stick out my tongue and she continued to thoroughly soap up my tongue.

She asked if I would like to rinse, yes, but not to be. She lathered up her hands again and pushed more soap suds into my mouth. I had a hard time not swallowing some of the soap, due to the amount in my mouth. I was finally allowed to rinse. I am glad she didn’t make me rinse with soapy water as an ex girlfriend made me do a long time ago. That was truly punishing. Maybe next time as I do have a hard time not swearing.

After I rinsed it was back downstairs, I was to be paddled and then caned. She had three paddles, one a lighter leather or synthetic, a thinner narrow paddle and a Spencer style with many holes. Sarah ordered me to bend over and assume the position. She started with lighter paddle, progressed to the thinner wooden paddle and she spanked my sit spots with that one. Then came the Spencer paddle. She laid into me with that one. It really hurt. Then she announced that I was to get 12 strokes with her cane. It was a traditional English cane with the curved handle. I was to get six laying down and six standing. The six laying down were painful. She had me stand and bend over, then laid into me with six more strokes. Those were very, very painful.

She hugged me, and told me that she punished me because she cares and that I was not to speed any more. Period, end of story. Get it? She applied some more lotion to my now cherry red and striped bottom. I got dressed and we chatted a bit. I could tell she does care about my well being and is more that willing to discipline me when I need it. On the way out she told me not to speed and if I did she might give me 93 strokes with all of her straps, Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. On the day after the spanking I was reviewing it in my mind. I had sent Sarah a list of other transgressions I want to be punished for. As I mulled this over I found myself crying. I was taken aback by this. Sarah did tell me after my first spanking that it was ok to cry, however growing up that was completely discouraged by my dad. I am finding out that spanking for me is a great emotional release. I am grateful that Sarah is my guide in this as she truly understands my desires in this area.