18. Todd's second spanking

I just experienced my 2nd spanking experience with Miss Sarah Gregory. It had been a little over a month since my last spanking. I was somewhat nervous, but felt comfortable knowing that knowing that I would be in the safe care of Miss Sarah.

The session started with Miss Sarah sitting in a straight backed chair. I took off my clothes and approached Miss Sarah. Miss Sarah applied some new wrist restraints she had gotten to my wrists. She then secured the wrist restraints together(with them in front of my body.) Miss Sarah then draped me over her lap and began spanking. It was fantastic finding myself back in that position. Miss Sarah started with her hand and then moved to some very stingy implements. Miss Sarah then told me that it was time to get up and move over to the bed. I was positioned face down with my wrists and ankles tied to the corners of the bed. Miss Sarah used some more stingy implements. The flogger brought me deeper into sub space.

Miss Sarah then undid the restraints, re-fastened the wrist cuffs in front of me and then instructed me on get in a position on all fours. Then it was back to going back to being put over Miss Sarah's lap where she used some wooden implements. Miss Sarah then moved to the bed and put me over 1 knee and put me in leg locks(pinning my legs with her other leg.) This position really was amazing. Throughout the session Miss Sarah would occasionally use the sense of touch which was definitely reassuring. Definitely looking forward to my next session.