19. Once in a Lifetime by Daniel

I did not know what to expect when at the end of a fairly lengthy process of timing and back-and-forth correspondence, Ms Specht booked time for the session about which you are starting to read now. This time it was going to be different, as a third party was expected in attendance, a visitor at Ms Specht's house who would join her gracious host in my discipline session. Fair enough, hard to say No, after all I figured that once the spanking started at Ms Specht's hand, you could be on a stadium-full of people and it still wouldn't matter, you'd still be all alone with the spanking and Ms Specht anyway...

Still, an extended participation session is something special, it is not like you are playing at a party, and the discipline is real, you know you can count on it if Ms Specht has any say in it. Slowly the anticipation began to build. Beware of what you wish.

Somehow a build up of non-consensual life things also built up around me in the time before the scheduled session, so on that morning when I arrived at the door and Ms Specht greeted me, I noted to her truthfully and respectfully that really, I was cranky, tired, hungry, and really-really in no mood for spanking. (Funny, isn't that how it really should work, spanking-wise? That you shouldn't be "in the mood," that is when it counts the most I think.) And then I was introduced to Ms Specht's guest and companion, of whom many of you have heard, just as I have, but did not know that she existed other than virtually. So I was privileged to touch Ms Sarah Gregory's hand in introduction.

Small talk pleasantries were brief, I followed Ms Specht who took off swiftly for the Spanking Room, with Ms Gregory closely following. I heard her closing the door shut, and felt her presence as Ms Specht introduced me, once again, to the environment and the set of implements arrayed in front of us. I knew it intellectually of course beforehand, however now I began feeling it physically as well: there are TWO disciplinarians in the room and only one bottom to punish. Lucky you, you might think, but beware of what you wish, I say - getting double the attention is not always the best that can happen to you, just try it some day and you will see that whatever naughty thoughts came to your head were misguided.

By the time full preparations for spanking were complete and I found myself draped to receive that which was coming to me, I absolutely wanted to be elsewhere and engaged to do entirely different things, but not that. No, I am not saying that I was spanked unconsensually, no - but remembering just then how much it hurt last time really got to me, and I was cold with sweat even before the first stroke. I am here speaking of my experience and thoughts, I am not making it up. If it was dread at that time, then that is what I felt. Looking back, it is tribute to Ms Specht and, as I later found out with plenty of reason, her equally determined into discipline companion, Ms Gregory.

There was no scenario, just a twist: this time Ms Specht decided to properly cane me before allowing time out to think about what was to come later, for she has a certainty in her voice that there is more to go before your naughtiness' expiation... until next time. I was directed to lay lengthwise on the bed, and the two disciplinarians took their positions, each with cane in hand, on either side of me. One dozen stripes from each: cold, hard, precise and without warm up. If you want to know, that is enough for even the braver souls, so I think.

And I was told to get up. The time that followed was no respite. True, no non-stop spanking for a while, but I could feel each of the 24 distinct stripes on my bottom. Will there be more? How?

After a while it was given to me to find out: to get an idea, I can tell you that you do not know how good life can be until the double-sided, simultaneous strapping stops. For this is how it went: both Ms Specht and Ms Gregory shared administering my discipline, equally poised and focused, relentlessly and with purpose, full time, to the point of having to confine my writhing when the spanking pain seemed to mount extreme. I have heard talk earlier on of working out at the gym as the ladies chatted - I don't know which gym and what is their workout routine, but whatever it is, is fully effective in its display of resulting power and stamina.

Like all things it came to an end. You can bet your proverbial dollar that there shall always be a well punished and reddened bottom to exit that Spanking Room when the session is over. This one, however, had the added bonus of no longer feeling cranky, tired, or hungry. In fact, that knot I have had for days between my shoulder blades had been gone at caning time already. And, you ask, what kind of wanting-a-spanking mood was I in? I'll think about how to define that one, however for now I can say that I felt like flying. Thank you Ms Specht. Thank you Ms Gregory.